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Social Equity Foundations: Equitable Organising Foundations (in person)

September 29, 2022 @ 2:00 Uhr 4:00 pm CEST

2G+: Please join in person only with full vaccination or official recovery notice AND same-day negative COVID test.  
2G+: Bitte mitteilen nur mit vollständigem Impfschutz oder offiziellem Genesungsbescheid UND aktuellem negativem COVID-Test.

// English below //

“Social Equity Foundations” (”Grundlagen der sozialen Gerechtigkeit”) ist eine neue Lernreihe der aequa-Gemeinschaft, in der Mitglieder des aequa Workshops Collective interaktive Online-Treffen zu Themen wie soziale Gerechtigkeit, Intersektionalität, empfindlich Kommunikation, gleichberechtigtes Organisieren und Peer Empowerment leiten werden.

Vorerst werden diese Workshops auf Englisch abgehalten. Bist du daran interessiert, ähnliche Workshops auf Deutsch oder in einer anderen Sprache zu veranstalten oder an ihnen teilzunehmen? Dann melde dich bei hello@aequa.cc und lass uns darüber reden!

Equitable Organising Foundations: Quick tips organising meetings, groups and gatherings in a more inclusive and equitable way

This is the next workshop in “Social Equity Foundations,” a community learning series in which members of the aequa Workshops Collective will lead interactive online meetups on topics like social equity, intersectionality, conscious communication, equitable organising and peer empowerment.

In this 2-hour workshop, we’ll give a quick overview and practice using practical methods to organise our teams and make decisions in an equitable way. We’ll explore methods and tools for engaging mindfully with collaborators to foster more inclusive spaces.

Key topics of conversation:
– basics of equitable and inclusive facilitation
– intro to consensus-based decision-making

If you are new to these topics yourself or you are someone who is trying to get better at talking about these topics more courageously with friends, family, colleagues and collaborators, then this workshop is for you!

These workshops are offered on a sliding-scale basis from €1 to €30. If you can regularly afford to eat out and don’t have to think often about if your bank account is in good shape, we would ask you to pay on the higher end of the scale. If you are receiving financial support, are regularly worried about whether you can afford to pay your rent or other basic living costs, pay what you can. If you can’t afford to pay anything right now but still want to attend, you can always email us at workshops@aequa.cc for a comp ticket. <3

You are also welcome to pay cash on entry if you prefer.

For the moment, these workshops will be led in English. Are you interested in hosting or participating in similar workshops in German or another language? Get in touch with workshops@aequa.cc and let’s chat about it!



These interactive workshops will happen every final Wednesday of the month:

  1. Systems at Play: Building awareness of intersectionality and unconscious bias – January 26
  2. Better Ways with Words: An introduction to more respectful and inclusive communication – March 3
  3. Conscious Communication: Exploring allyship tools for equity and inclusion in and through conversation – April 27
  4. Equitable Organising Foundations: Exploring equitable and inclusive facilitation and consensus-based decision-making. – June 22nd
  5. Empowered Communication: Exploring tools for more effective, efficient, and empathic communication for multilingual, intersectional environments – TBD
  6. Empowered Advocacy: Using the power of personal narratives to shift perspectives – TBD



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