Access information for our spaces

The aequa CC is an open community space. We are in the ongoing process of improving accessibility and welcome feedback and suggestions.

This is a multi-room and multi-purpose semi-public space. There are usually flowers and plants in the space, which is used by diverse groups of people and occasionally dogs, too. Therefore we are unfortunately not able to guarantee a scent- or allergen-free space.

The full space is not wheelchair accessible at this time. We are looking into solutions to make both spaces wheelchair accessible.

Covid-19 updates:

We’re staying up to date with coronavirus restrictions and precautions. Find a full guide here.

Here are some more details for each space.

Co-working Café @ Exerzierstr. 14
The co-working café is reached via two (2) steps, each approximately 20 cm tall. Inside the co-working café, the restrooms can only be reached only by going down a staircase to the basement level. 

Workshop @ Exerzierst. 13
The workshop entry is via the street. Both the door and the restroom are wheelchair accessible.