The aequa Workshops Collective is a group of experienced facilitators and learning designers who teach workshops on topics like social equity, inclusion, diversity and interpersonal communication. Right now, most of our facilitation happens for international groups in English, but we are recruiting facilitators for additional languages — see application below. Have questions or want more info? We are happy to answer you in German – contact workshops [at]

Several people moving around the main space of aequa community centre - a coworking and community space in Berlin

When it comes to social equity, inclusion, diversity and interpersonal communication, we’re all on a learning journey. 

Are you looking to grow your knowledge about these topics within your team, organisation, or within yourself as an individual? We can help.

Our workshops

We offer customised workshops on:

  • Social equity and anti-oppression 
  • Empathy, inclusion and interpersonal communication
  • Equitable organising better practices
  • Purpose and value-finding at the individual and organisational level
  • Leadership and teamwork
  • And more — tell us about your needs.

The majority of our workshops are offered in English, although German is also possible for some content. Unsure of precisely what you need? We offer consultations to design workshops to fit your needs. 

We look forward to working with you!

How we do it

Our method is called conversation-based learning, and it’s based on the belief that each of us is an expert in our own lived experiences, and that those experiences are valuable stores of knowledge that others can learn from. 

We hold interactive and dynamic learning spaces, where honest reflection, conversation and practice are possible. 

At the centre of our method are aequa’s five Social Equity Mindsets:

  1. We are all on a learning journey. 
  2. We give space to learn and grow. We normalise the possibility for transformation.
  3. We listen to learn. We share our perspectives while understanding there are many.
  4. We aim to fight systems of oppression, not each other.
  5. We care for each other and ourselves on the way.

We use human-centered design to place people’s needs at the core of every step of the learning design. We can guide you through exploring your individual potential as well as your collective power, whether as a team, a company or a community. 

We practice equitable and inclusive facilitation. This means honestly acknowledging the social, political and economic structural systems at work, and deliberately creating safer spaces where the voices, experiences, and viewpoints of marginalised voices can be amplified. 

Who we are

The aequa Workshops Collective is a cooperative of experienced facilitators, trainers and learning designers with a diverse range of backgrounds, identities, experiences, and expertise. While we each have individual specialities, we share a vision of an equitable world in which every person can thrive.

Active Collective Members

jarral Boyd (she/her). collective cofounder, facilitator, learning designer
jarral is a Black, Indigenous queer cis-woman who grew up in one of the most segregated cities in the United States. This experience left an indelible mark on her, ultimately leading to her passion for anti-oppression and antiracism training. Her fascination with language that began in early childhood led to the pursuit of a formal education in linguistics. She couples this knowledge with extensive research in order to offer interactive, communication based workshops with the goal of creating safer spaces for marginalized communities in all areas of society. She believes that the time to start this education is the sooner the better, and has taught children in both Europe and Asia.

Since moving to Germany she has worked in schools, implemented community diversity & inclusion structures, given workshops at conferences and festivals, and lead inclusion initiatives within sports.

specialities: empathy, communication, linguistics
passions: antiracism and intersectionality

Sarj Lynch (they/them), collective cofounder, facilitator, learning designer
Sarj is a Berlin-based community organiser and facilitator focused on mutual aid, compassionate communications and music. They are a white, non-binary, neurodivergent (ADHB – attention-deficit hyperactivity brain), able-bodied U.S.-passport-holder who grew up below the poverty line in the south of the United States, as the eldest of five in a divorced-parent household. They have a cat named Penny.

They are the co-founder and managing director of aequa and a founding member of Berlin Collective Action e.V. Studies in journalism and internet law somehow led to a career spanning communication, technology, education, human resources, gastronomy and event management, with many odd jobs in-between. At aequa, their day-to-day is focused on workshop design and facilitation, running the aequa Community Centre in Berlin Wedding, coordinating the community’s various working groups and initiatives, and hosting the monthly aequa Radio show on Refuge Worldwide.

specialities: community organising, empathy and interpersonal communication, organisational design
passions: transformative justice, mutual aid, music

Pricing and Costs

We believe in keeping our work financially accessible while also paying ourselves a fair, liveable wage that adequately reflects our time and our intellectual and emotional labour. Therefore we offer a pricing model that prioritises smaller and/or grassroots organisations, as well as marginalised groups and individuals. Those who can afford to pay more support our capability to work with those who must pay less. 

Here are our three pricing tiers:

  • Spider lily. For organizations with annual budgets above 2 million
  • Aloe Vera. For organizations with annual budgets between 150,000 and 2 million
  • Cheese Plant. For organizations with annual budgets up to 150,000*
All prices inclusive VATCheese PlantAloe VeraSpider lily
Conversation-based Learning Workshop
priced per facilitator, per hour of content delivered

These interactive workshops are at the heart of what we do, mixing together theory, lived experience and interpersonal collaboration amongst the participants.

Our rates are priced per facilitator per hour, with a maximum of eight participants per facilitator. This price includes an initial discovery call, offer creation, workshop design and one optional 30-minute preparatory call per scheduled workshop day.



Webinar (Up to 200 persons)
We offer webinars and lunch-and-learn type formats as one option to help plant seeds of knowledge in an organisation, to help grow interest in these topics. However, we do not believe this method provides the level of subtlety needed for the complex and often emotional topics we cover. Therefore webinar bookings are mainly possible as part of a broader learning strategy which also includes conversation-based learning workshops.
Speaking Engagements, Panel Moderation
Our facilitators are available for speaking engagements at conferences and other events. Price to be negotiated based on the scale of the event.
To be discussed based on the budget and reach of the event.To be discussed based on the budget and reach of the event.To be discussed based on the budget and reach of the event.
Special fees – flat rate
Express delivery – less than 2 weeks€250
Express delivery – less than 1 week€400
Reschedule workshop to new date after the date has already been reserved – per facilitator, per hour€75