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Critical Masculinity Reading Group – kickoff meeting

August 11, 2020 @ 7:00 pm 9:00 pm CEST

We’re about to kick off a Critical Masculinity Reading Group

The event is in English. Please register here:

In this group, we want to reflect on the social construction of masculinity, and how it can be improved. We want to create a space to reflect on our experiences of our own masculinity.

Masculinity is a complex concept with a huge influence on people’s lives. It affects identities, relationships, mental health and overall wellbeing. One’s masculinity can be harmful to others, becoming a source of oppression, aggression and bullying. It can also be harmful to the masculine individual themself, limiting their emotional development and ability to properly connect with the people they care about. Critically reflecting on one’s masculinity can help reduce the damage this social construct inflicts, while also paving a way toward greater happiness and self-realisation.

There are people who grapple with their own masculinity and who ask themselves what being masculine means for them. Looking for answers on the internet, one easily encounters movements such as the “manosphere” or “red pill,” which promote misogyny and are breeding grounds for the alt-right. Their terms, such as “beta male,” have become part of everyday language. We don’t want to give these groups the power to promote their harmful interpretation of masculinity. We see the Critical Masculinity Reading Group as an opportunity to build and promote a positive, 21st century interpretation of masculinity through our discussions.

With this group, we are trying out something we haven’t done before. It’s our first experience running a group like this and we rely on your help, mindset and input.

The first meetup will give us a chance to get to know each other better and understand our needs. Based on these stories, hopes, and expectations, we hope to decide on a book to read and possible direction for the group.

This event will take place at aequa Community Centre
Find out more about the space here:

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